Advanced GPS Features

All handheld GPS units do normal navigation. What you decide on—and pay—mostly relies on which and how some of the following aspects a unit has:

Barometer/altimeter: while all GPS receivers can inform you altitude established on satellite TV for PC knowledge, a unit with the barometer/altimeter feature supplies more correct elevation readings by means of also when you consider that barometric information. This option additionally permits you to gauge climate traits.

Electronic compass: All GPS receivers can inform you what path you’re going whilst you’re moving. If you happen to get a unit with an electronic compass, although, it is going to also let you know what direction you’re facing even as you’re standing nonetheless. That’s a giant comfort as it lets you orient yourself and plan your route at any rest stop.

WI-FI knowledge transfer: This permits your GPS to communicate with compatible GPS items (or different devices). It provides a quick and convenient strategy to share knowledge like tracks, way points and routes with others.

Preloaded maps: All GPS items include a simple base map. Some units additionally incorporate full-fledged topo maps. And all units receive individually bought topo maps which might be downloaded or offered on a CD or a micro SD card. That you can control your entire maps and plan trips by connecting to your PC or Mac, then utilizing the software that the maker of your GPS unit provides.

Third-celebration maps and application: on the grounds that maps from GPS makers may also be costly, you can search on-line and to find an ever-altering array of web sites which have low-priced (or free) maps. In the event you aren’t a tech wiz and decide on assured merchandise, then persist with maps and application from your GPS brand.

Memory and way point totals: The extra you've got, the more map and navigation data that you can retailer. Furthermore, nearly all items additionally will let you broaden your reminiscence, most often through a micro SD card.

Unless you're doing a through-hike, nearly any unit you get can have sufficient interior memory (and way point capability) to retailer particular maps and navigation important points for a single travel. And it's handy to delete unneeded maps and way points as you go to liberate memory for a further shuttle or yet another component of a through-hike.

Geocaching elements: Many items come with pre loaded caches and/or geocaching capabilities. To study extra in regards to the exercise, learn Geocaching: the way to Get began.

(notice: You don’t ought to buy a GPS receiver to try geocaching; phone apps work satisfactory for that. If you’re already a geocache and desire a GPS unit for back country navigation, then geocaching aspects are handy to have.)

Digital camera: delivering comparable satisfactory to a cell digital camera, it will possibly also geotag photos so you will discover where on the map you snapped each and every shot.

Two-means radio: enables unit-to-unit calls so you can keep up a correspondence with local associates within the back country; you could also receive NOAA weather-radio forecasts. Radio-equipped GPS models are above all useful for search-and-rescue groups. Don't forget to check the best handheld gps for fishing.

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